Real Glass

Azustar premium tempered glass screen protector are made from real glass, cut and polished to perfect fit for each phone model.

Ultra Light Weight

Made from special glass membrane that is light weight but yet provide good protection from impact. Its highly polished surface with rounded edges prevent chips and snags.

Oleophobic Coating

With advance oil-resistant oleophobic coating help prevent fingerprint and smudge free on our tempered glass while preserving the responsive touch and vivid clarity. Any fingerprints, smudge marks or oil residue are easily clean.

Crystal Clarity

The Azustar premium tempered glass made from special high quality glass material allowing optimal transmission of light through it while maintaining true clarity of the original phone retina.


The Azustar premium glass protector screen has specially crafted rounded edges to give a smoother feel and prevent chipping at the edges. Also, it also provide compatibility with different variety of protective cases.

Anti- Shatter

The Azustar premium tempered glass cleverly design process and layered structure help to prevent the glass from shattering into small pieces upon impact, similar to glass on automotive.


With a glass hardness index of 8-9H, it is three times stronger than regular PET film. A valuable protection for your phone.